Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fair come and Gone

We had a very busy and fun week. It is always that way when the fair comes to town. It was especially fun this year to have most of the kids and grandkids come share in the fun. Erin did a great job with her 4-H goat project this year. Lucky, the goat won a Blue ribbon for market and Erin placed 4th in showmanship. Our 4-H club won first place for overall best club at the show. We won 1st place on our educational display on Chickens. Thanks Dallas and Tim for your help with the display. We also won the Herdsman award for having the cleanest and most orderly animal stalls. What a great learning experience.
Leslie entered her 2 goats, Black Lamb and Alvin the Chinchilla in the Small animal exibit. She won best of show with Buddy, the black lamb. Alvin was stressed out with all the people and had to go home.

Erin won a Blue ribbon on her drawing of a ladybug on a leaf. I won a Blue ribbon on Leslies denim quilt.

Now it is much quieter at our house. I miss our animals. King also left to go back home for the summer with Jodi and Chris. He is such a sweet horse. Hopefully he will come back next winter to stay with us again. I don't know if Chris and Jodi will trust me with their pets though in the future. Leslie will miss her rides on King but maybe all her battle wounds will heal. Jay is almost through with the Chicken Hotel. It is fun to watch the chicks grow.


Camrin said...

I always love your posts Mom. You do such a good job!
Thanks for letting us crash your trailer every year during Fair time. I know my family always loves this time of year. :)

Kelly said...

Congratulations on all your blue ribbons! Sounds like a blast.

Chris and Jodi said...

Thanks for letting us come crash your house. We always have so much fun!

Zachary said...

Great Post! Looks like everyone had a great time. Sorry we missed the festivities this year.